Corporate Training
























  • Enhance internal diagnosis and integrated ability
  • Utilise framework of Blue Sea Super Strategy Strategies, making competition irrelevant
  • Creating new uncontested innovative marketplace
  • Align the whole company’s activities in pursuit of differentiation and low cost
  • Understand the foundation principles to apply Blue Sea Super Strategy from analysing world class multiple case studies
  • Able to reconstruct Market boundaries


•CEOs/ COOs/ CFO/ General Managers / Branch Manager
•Marketing, Brand and Sales Managers & Executives
•For entrepreneurs interested in developing their business par excellence and is ahead of competitors
•Any individuals interested for change for success


Lecture, Pre/Post Test Assessment, Video Learning, Multiple Case Studies for Group Discussions and Presentations


Dr Oliver Ho has over the last decade, trained over 2,000 bankers, entrepreneurs and managers in marketing, customer care to strategic management thinking and planning etc. He has also trained executives and managers from Sunway University College, Reliance College, KDU College etc in the area of service marketing in the early 2000s and conducted seminars for the South Asia East Regional Computer Confederation Conference in October 2004 on CRM. In mid 2007, Mr. Ho was invited to present special papers on Blue Sea Super Strategy and Customer Intimacy to a groupof 30 OIC women entrepreneurs who were invited by the Malaysian government as part of the OIC national conference.

In addition to that, he has briefed/trained nearly 1,500 managers and entrepreneurs on Blue Sea Super Strategy to many organisations. Being acknowledged as one of the local Management experts, he was then interviewed by the prestigious mass media TV station i.e. NTV7 on 17th Sept 2007 to give his opinions and findings on the application of Blue Sea Super Strategy on the property sector in Malaysia. On the 13th to 14th November   2007, he was invitedby the NGO-REHDA to conduct the Blue Sea Super Strategy training to over 20 leading Malaysian Housing Developers.

Mr. Oliver Ho will be spearheading the introduction of PassionWorks!™ from Canada a powerful change managementtool for organizations as well as Breakout Strategy for senior management very timely and relevant for the new globalmeltdown economy.




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